Now sponsors hasten to protect their images

Continuing the tale of sport’s match fixing malaise from last month… Bowls, fortunately, is clean; doping, violence, match-fixing are not blots on the long, distinguished history of this global sport. But, unfortunately, cricket has lost credibility as being the gentleman’s (and woman’s) game”; some sponsors are reluctant to be associated with the code in some instances; court cases have become commonplace involving erring players and officials. South Africa is hardly immune from nefarious practices…

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A pose by any other name?

My son, Alistair, in his productive thirties, breezed in from London one day and instead of asking how I was, simply said “I have changed my name.”

What reaction did he expect?
Should I rant and rave? Should I, perhaps, sulk? After all, he was my son and heir and the last chance for the family surname to live on.
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Press Release

Press Release
January 27, 2017

Bowls SA Masters final live on TV
The final of the Warwick Wealth/Bowls SA Open Masters Championships at The Wanderers Club, Johannesburg will be televised live on 12 February. This match is expected to begin at 11.30AM; Conditions will if dictate whethere the men’s or women’s Open final. The link  is already displayed on the Bowls South Africa website ( under Tournaments 2017 and will also be displayed on Facebook under Bowls South Africa.

Sometimes when you’re ‘fixed’ it pays to stay that way?

The late great US comedian Bob Hope told a story of Hotel Watergate being bugged. “I never believed it would happen; could happen. But I stayed there at the height of the Nixon controversy, went down to breakfast one morning, picked up a grapefruit and got a dialing tone… then I believed…” Read more

Colleen, Rudi, Gerry not alone on the lonely path to the top

As I have written before, the world’s best bowls singles players are the albatrosses of the greens. Like the magnificent feathered ocean travellers who ply their own routes, four-wood bowlers are always one or another type of loner; needing to be their own person, so demanding is their discipline.

They are probably “related” to 100m elite athletes.

Sometimes brash, aloof, bold, tough, independent, confident, the breed possesses special ingredients required to survive the testing regimen of the track’s blue riband event.

It is no different for bowlers.

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